High performance and uncompromising quality

The Friendship Product Portfolio includes products used to monitor muscle activity (EMG), brain activity (EEG), Evoked Potentials (EP) as well as products for Intraoperative Monitoring (IOM)

With over 40 years’ experience in measuring bio-electric signals, our team of academics, researchers, experts and international advisors understand the need for high-performing neurological accessories that improve the lives and well-being of patients.

That’s why all Friendship products are designed to meet the highest quality specifications and are fully compatible with most EMG, EEG and IOM equipment used worldwide.

If you need a product not shown in our product portfolio, or require a product modification to meet your exact needs, please contact our sales office. Our representatives will be happy to discuss your requirements and where possible find a solution.

Please be aware that not all product variants are for sale in all countries.