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Electroneurodiagnostic Electrodes and Accessories

Friendship Europe
– part of the international Friendship Medical Group

Friendship Europe was established in 2012 with headquarters in Denmark as the European branch of Friendship Xian Medical Electronics Co. We currently have a dedicated sales set-up in over 45 countries with 63 active distributors. Our goal is to expand the Friendship brand through strong business-to-business partnerships.

Friendship Europe handles all international business outside China and the US and is registered as the EU-Authorized representative and importer of all neurological accessories manufactured by Friendship Xian Medical Electronics Co. Friendship Xian complies with all international regulations, as well as ISO 13485, CE, MDSAP and MDR regulation.

All Friendship Medical products are approved by the FDA in the US , Health Canada in Canada, MSA  in Japan, KFDA in Korea, ARTGin Australia, MHRA in United Kingdom and Swissmedic in Switzerland. We are also registered in Eudamed where all relevant details can be found through our SRN numbers.

Working to reduce climate impact
At Friendship Europe, we take climate change seriously and wherever possible we strive to minimize our impact on the environment. For example, we ensure that all orders are packaged in recyclable materials and loaded for transport in an environmentally-friendly way to reduce waste and CO2 emissions.

Danish Warehouse

Friendship Europe’s large and modern warehouse is located in Denmark and designed to securely store products in the optimal conditions.

Friendship Medical Factory

In 2019, the sales office and warehouse were expanded with an additional 2800 square metres to meet increasing demand. The site is designed for efficiency and a good working environment.





Friendship Europe takes social responsibility seriously and believes that together we are stronger. Friendship has supported Danish and European charitable causes on several occasions.

For example, for the past 4 years, Friendship has given a permanent sponsorship to the fight against cancer through Team Rynkeby. Team Rynkeby is a foundation that supports research on and well-being for children with critical illness and cancer diseases.