Bent/Hook Subdermal Needle Electrode

Category: EP, Subdermal Needle Electrodes, IOM, EEG

Friendship Disposable Bent/Hook Subdermal Needle Electrodes are used in connection with EEG, EP and IOM. The hooked needle electrodes are designed for extra secure placement during the procedure. - Individually packaged - Sterile - Single patient use only

Hook Electrodes/ Bent Subdermal Needles

Item No. Part No Needle Diameter Needle Length Lead Wire Length Lead Wire color Connector Box
1011-3 NE-SSB-1500/13/0.4 0.40 mm 13 mm, 36 dg 150 cm 6 color 1.5 mm TP 24 pcs
1051-2 NE-SSB-1500/20/0.45 0.45 mm 20 mm, 90 dg 150 cm 6 color 1.5 mm TP 24 pcs