Monopolar Needle Electrodes

Category: EMG, Monopolar Needle Electrodes

Friendship Disposable Monopolar Needle Electrodes are designed for use with standard EMG equipment to stimulate and measure biopotential signals, EMG and nerve potential. The tip is coated and designed to be ultra-sharp to reduce any discomfort for the patient. Friendship Monopolar Needle Electrodes come in different sizes – all with a color-coded hub to make it easy to find the right size.

• Individually packaged
• Available in boxes of 25
• Sterile
• Single patient use only

Disposable Botox Needle Electrodes (Hypodermic Needle)

Order No Part No Needle Diameter Gauge Needle Length Hub Color Recording Area Packing pr Box
1097 NEM2530 0.30 mm 30 G 25 mm Green 0.07mm² 25 pcs
1093 NEM3040 0.40 mm 27 G 30 mm Blue 0.29mm² 25 pcs
1094 NEM3845 0.45 mm 26 G 38 mm Red 0.45mm² 25 pcs
1095 NEM5050 0.50 mm 25 G 50 mm Yellow 0.64mm² 25 pcs

Cable for Monopolar Needles

Order No Part No Cable Length Cable Color EQ side Electrode side Packing pr Box
1100 CMN1500 150 cm Black & Red DIN 42802 Friendship Design 2 set