Scalp Subdermal Needle Electrode

Category: Subdermal Needle Electrodes, EP, IOM, EEG

Friendship Removeable Scalp Subdermal Needle Electrodes are used in connection with EEG and EP. The needle tip is designed for smooth penetration and easy replacement. - Individually packaged - Sterile - Single patient use only

Hook Electrodes/ Bent Subdermal Needles

Item No. Part No Needle Diameter Needle Length Lead Wire Length Lead Wire color Connector Box
1111 SNW1535/1.0 0.35 mm 15 mm 8 cm White 1 mm Male 120 pcs
1112 SNW1835/1.0 0.35 mm 18 mm 8 cm White 1 mm Male 120 pcs
1115 SN1235/0.75 0.35 mm 12 mm N/A N/A 0.7 mm Male 40 pcs