Triple Hook Stimulation Probes

Category: IOM, Stimulation Probes

Friendship Disposable Triple Hook Stimulation Probes are mainly used for stimulation and monitoring of the peripheral nerve and nerve conduction. They can also be used to identify if the peripheral nerve is functioning following transplant. The Triple Hook Stimulation Probes have the same function as the Double Ball Tip probes but have a smaller stimulus artifact. - Sterile - Single use only - Individually packaged

Double Hook Stimulation Probes

Item No. Part No Tip Diameter Shaft Length Shaft Shape Tip Free isolation Tip angle Dg Box
3013 PNH 1.2/90x3x100 1.2 mm 90 mm Straight 5 mm 100 dg 1 pcs
3014 PNH 1.2/90x3x180 1.2 mm 90 mm Straight 5 mm 180 dg 1 pcs